Collaborative Partners

The US Consulate General , Kolkata

U.S.-India relationship is rooted in common values, including the rule of law, respect for diversity, and democratic government. The U.S. Mission’s Cultural Affairs section oversees the U.S. government’s efforts to strengthen relationships with the people of India. This is done through speaker programs, academic, cultural and professional exchanges, alumni community engagement, higher education promotion, cultural and select grants to non-profit organizations. India is fortunate to have a great set of American Spaces, several in the hearts of thriving metropolitan cities (New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad), where Indians can learn more about America, engage with Americans, and contribute to the development of this important bilateral relationship.

The American Center

The American Center and Library present exciting educational and cultural programs and exchanges for the youth of India. The American Center Library, a specialized reference and research facility, for access to comprehensive and authoritative information on the United States, its people and its policies.


Established on 2nd May 1959, Birla Industrial & Technological Museum in Kolkata, under Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is widely regarded as the mother of science museum movement in India.From the very beginning BITM started conducting in-museum educational activities like Popular Lectures and Film Shows. Science Demonstration Lectures (SDL) for students became a feature of BITM from 1965. BITM has been organizing, Public Science Shows, Students’ Science Seminar, Science Drama, Vacation Hobby Camps, Science Film Festivals and many more. Presently, BITM has 12 educative as well as interactive galleries including a special gallery for the sightless people entitled ‘World in Darkness’. Now BITM organizes a plethora of educational programmes throughout the year and regularly conducts highly exciting science shows and demonstrations on daily basis.

Educational Multimedia Research Center, EMRC

Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC) is a pioneer of multimedia studies and research in India. The Kolkata based institution is highly dedicated to produce and promote multimedia contents in different ecological and socio cultural perspective while they also sharps the contents with advanced technology. EMRC has developed media and eContent of more than 100 hours till date on the subjects Microbiology, Political Science, Mass Communication Video Production and Film Studies. Research at this centre has always been given as much emphasis and priority as Production.

Bengal Photography Institute, BPI

Bengal Photography Institute is one of the prestigious photography institute of eastern India. BPI is working in Kolkata with internationally recognized award winning photographers. Most of the faculty and students of the institution are member and fellows of the “Federation of Indian Photography” as FFIP (Fellow of Federation of Indian Photography). They have also received the EFIAP (Excellence of FIAP) Honour from “Federation of International Art-Photography”, France which is the highest regulatory authority in the field of art-photography.