The Objectives of The Project

  1. Organize and implement an Indian-American film and photography festival on sustainable environment based on the theme, “Greener World through Art”, and bringing together those active in creating environmental awareness through visual art.

  2. Arrange a touring festival of these films, photographs and fair in four cities in India, Guwahati, Patna and Ranchi for community awareness, inclusive learning and knowledge economy on sustainable urban development.

  3. Organize eco-art’ sit and draw and poster competition, and initiate exhibition of eco-art developed by school children and youth on sustainable urban habitat and eco-friendly lifestyle.

  4. To strengthen information sharing and public participation to bring a fresh outlook towards environment and nature so that each one of us can act in ways to promote a culture of sustainable lifestyle and education.

  5. Eco art contest project addresses to global environmental issues with local action, and refers to much wider concerns including depleting natural resources, vanishing wetlands, pollution, animal poaching/ trafficking, urban and rural environmental conditions, changing needs, migration, consumerism, waste management, clearing forests for woods and industries,  climate change impacts, innovations and sustainable solutions, and local actions for greener future etc.

  6. The project creates platform to voice for environment through creative art and an opportunity to reach out to public through exhibitions, Eco-cinema film festivals, and photography, child art and recycling art exhibitions.