1. What is the entry fee for the applicants?

     Relax! The competition is totally free & fertile to all. No need to pay any kind of entry or application fee.

2. How can one submit film/ photograph?

     An applicant can submit her/ his film/ photographs only through online. For that firstly s/he have to go to the website https://ecoartcontest.org and register themselves by a gentle process and submit some essential docs. After that they will get the upload button for uploading their film/ photographs.

NOTE: In case of failure of submitting online for any reason, applicant can contact to communication@safeinch.org immediately.

3. What are the Guidelines for the applicants?

     We are requesting to all, please go through https://ecoartcontest.org/profile/guide_line.php

4. What will be the weight of the Art Work?

     The Art Work could be on any Media or Mix in maximum 12’’x12’’ (maximum weight 1kg) but must Be made out of RECYCLED PRODUCT.

5. How candidate should submit their work?

     Candidate should Courier or submit their single artwork with proper and solid long lasting cubical packaging (Recyclable Card Board Or any hard paper material) to the following address of the office or at the office. (Total weight should not exceed 5kg)

     SAFE     176/A Vivekananda Park, Mukundapur     Kolkata – 700099

6. What else candidate must submit with the Art Work?

     With the Art Work, the Candidate MUST submit the complete brochure with all the steps of the creation documented and photographed. The brochure should also carry the Total details (Used Materials, Product Value, Market Possibilities and Social Liabilities) of the Art Work. It Is MANDATORY.

7. Who all can participate for Sit & Draw Competition?

     For Sit & Draw     Theme: Greener World through Art

  1. The Competition is for the students of Class 1 to Class 10.
  2. There will be three category as Group A for Class 1-4, Group B for Class 5-7, and Group C for Class 8-10.

8. Where will be the Sit & Draw Competition organize?

     The Competition would be organized at the premises of BITM– BIRLA INDUSTRIAL and TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, 19A, Gurusaday Dutta Rd, Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019.

9. What is the date and time for the Sit & Draw Competition?

     The Competition would be organized at the premises of BITM– BIRLA INDUSTRIAL and TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, 19A, Gurusaday Dutta Rd, Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019.

  1. Date and time will be announced on the website and will be duly intimated to registered candidates.

10. Where offline application form of Sit $ Draw Competition are available?

     Offline application form are available at-

     BITM – BIRLA INDUSTRIAL and TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, 19A, Gurusaday Dutta Rd, Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019 &SAFE office: 176/A Vivekananda Park, Mukundapur, Kolkata – 700099

11. How the offline form need to be fill?

  1. Duly filled form with photocopy of the ID & address proof of the applicant with guardian contact details should be attached with the form inside a sealed envelope and sent to the above mentioned address.

12. What is the total time of the competition?

  1. The total time for the competition is 1.30 hrs.

13. Who all can participate for the poster painting category?

     For Poster painting     Theme: Greener World through Art

  1. The Competition is for the students College and Institutes (PG & Master )
  2. Participant need to register for the competition.

14. Where application form of Poster painting available?

  1. Application form can be downloaded from the website. www.ecoartcontest.org.

     Forms in hard copies are available at SAFE Office: Address: SAFE     176/A Vivekananda Park, Mukundapur     Kolkata – 700099

15. What is the total time for the poster painting?

     This will be live poster painting competition on spot with a duration of 2 hours for completion of the poster art.Drawing material (12’x18’ paper will be provided at the venue)

16. What is the date and time for the Poster painting competition?

     The competition venue will duly informed to registered candidates prior to one month before the competition event.

     We are requesting to all, please go through https://ecoartcontest.org/profile/guide_line.php. There should be answer for every queries.

17. How many photographs one can submit?

     There are two Sections A. Monochrome& B. Colour. Participant can submit either 4 images of any particular section or 8 images for two sections

18. What will be the size of the photographs to be submitted?

     Photos must be in JPG file format with:

  1. Maximum resolution of 1920 (horizontal) x 1080 (vertical) pixels without any border.
  2. In 300 dpi
  3. Maximum file size of 2MB
  4. JPG compression of 8 to 12
  5. File format SRGB

     For details please check https://ecoartcontest.org/profile/guide_line.php

19. How many films can be submitted by a particular applicant?

     Participant can submit 1(one) Film under the category/ Section- Long or short.

20. What will be the technical details for the film?

     In Film, the conditions of entry is like:

  1. Maximum file size should be in 500MB to 1.5/ 2GB in good qualitive MP4 format.
  2. Separate MS Word file containing the synopsis of the film in 200-250 words, should be submitted.
  3. Separate MS Word file containing the script of the film, should be submitted.

     For details please check https://ecoartcontest.org/profile/guide_line.php. You can also register yourself at https://ecoartcontest.org/profile/register.php

     Don’t Worry! It’s Free & fertile…

21. Who are the Collaborative Partners?

     The competition is highly supported by the US Consulate Kolkata & The American Centre, Kolkata. And the honorable partners are

     Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, BITM

     Educational Multimedia Research Center, EMRC

     Bengal Photography Institute, BPI

22. What are the Awards for the winners?

     The theme Greener World through Art is a creative domain where innovation mixes techniques and imaginations brew ideas for a sustainable future. In the milieu of climate change creative artists have a significant role to communicate the impacts and effects of climate change through alternative media of communication for a better understanding and more responsible action, thus the present competitive forum for film and photography wants to encourage the promising leaders in the field of this creative domain by recognizing their innovative talent and as well supporting their ideas of innovation through an extended intervention of their own creations for awareness and education.

     Everyone has an equal opportunity to win

     The values of these awards are therefore much beyond the material value of the award itself. The financial support for each of these awards, as enunciated below is only to extend an access to some resource that is essential to imbibe the idea of the creators into an expression of art, such allocation of resources would include:

     The entrants of the competition must note that the organizer’s will not disburse the awards as cash money but would allow to spent this amount for a planned project on films and photography under the mentorship of esteemed film-makers and photographers. The prize support is for training and capacity building as well for purchasing accessories and appliances for professional betterment in their respective domains.

     The esteemed jurors and the organizers will jointly decide the type and mode of payments to the awardees in each of the award sections, as may be justifiable and permissible within the allocated budget in each category.

     All the winners will be duly invited to the award ceremony in Kolkata, for which the air fare (Economy Class) and accommodation shall be borne by the organizing secretariat.

     So! What Else! Register now& call war against climate change and unsustainability….Log on to https://ecoartcontest.org

23. What are some of the reasons for applications being rejected?

     A bench of esteemed experts will evaluate the submission.

24. Who will review and score my application?

     Mainly the application may be rejected for not complying with the prescribed format or category. However it can always be revised staying within the deadlines of the submission.

25. When and how will the results be announced?

     The result will be published & available in the website after all the competition and winners will be individually contacted by the organizers.