ECO-ART- calls for innovations in approach

1. Integrated approach for comprehensive learning: The festival has integration of visual art components like film, photography, painting and handicrafts from recycled wastes followed by deliberation and discussion on theme and techniques for a comprehensive learning from ‘sense to touch’ facilitating sustained impacts and awareness.

2.Knowledge economy: The festival travels in tandem through three other urban cities expanding the outreach and augmenting the impact of awareness to ensure knowledge economy and collaborated action in achieving sustainable environment development.

3. Leaving No One Behind (LNOB): The intervention is highly participatory and inclusive ranging from school children to academia, policy makers, stakeholders and commons, leaving no one behind across age, societal profile or economic abilities to endorse UN’s LNOB principle.

4. Investing in Future Generation: Sustainability is a matter of spatial and temporal accomplishment of action and impact. The intervention brings the children into action on the main theme, to achieve the highest order of sustainability, by investing in the future generation.

5. Digital ecstasy: The whole intervention, as proposed herein, is actually a film making, since each of the stages, actions, activities, components and impacts shall be entrapped in digital media through video documentation and live photography so that the collective action of all can be a digital delight that can transcend the limits of time.

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The visual treat of ‘Eco-Cinema’ for the film and “Eco-Art” as defined in categories is for art lovers and as well, environmental practitioners and stewards to make a sustained positive impact of the program in owing to its quality of presentation, components and contents. The power of art will create a legacy of sustained and artistic impacts towards a cultural shift towards sustianability and awareness generation across all range of citizens, stakeholders’ practitioners and academia. The archived digital delight will be an asset for ages to come that can brew the science of communicating ecological enigma with multimedia ecstasy. It would encourage educationists, researchers and social scientists to understand the sharp impacts of science education with a subtle touch of art, enriching the ideas of interdisciplinary approach in ‘change management’.

Categories :

Film and documentary :

Eco-Cinema is a film festival celebrating the art of environmental film-making and more focuses on using the films as a tool and catalyst for creating impact on environmental preparedness for better habitat, sustainable practices and adaptive change management. It remains resolute to encourage environment films and forums resulting change in perception, practice and policy, as it brings together some of the best conservation experts and enthusiasts from across the nation through the ECO-Art contest forum. Along with taking some of the best films on environment to the masses, it will be able to institutionalize strong specialized knowledge networking, forge partnership, and enhance capacities for specialized environmental film-making.

Raise the tempest of expression for greener future.

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Photography contest:

“If you take photographs, make the photographs useful.” Ansel Adams, the acclaimed photographer who dedicated his career to documenting the dramatic landscapes of the American West.

Art of photography when used for environmental causes is the power of expression that awakens consciousness to new knowledge, or makes one revisit what is already known. The surrounding environment needs your insights that inspire and inform humans for making what we can work for
concerning environmental issues.

See life through your lenses, capture for a change…

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Poster Competition and Sit & draw

The art projects created opportunities for cross-curricular learning, raising awareness about environmental issues, and inspiring students and youth of schools, colleges, institutes, to create their own eco-artworks and join in the eco-activism through art and innovations.

The role of art is remarkable in many Environmental Education School Programs, where, cultural and environmental issues are connected very often. Eco Art contest through this category helps students voice their opinion and express through their own creation.

After all the young green warriors will be eco-leaders of tomorrow.

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Recycled art

Create what awaits to be..
Waste is not a waste – Now it is for the world to see.

Join to participate in the Recycling craft (recycled waste) as a contrivance of awareness in the ensuing context of sustainable development and lifestyle in the changing time.

Use-reuse-recreate-recycled materials make lovely additions to ECO-Art , create from waste paper, clothes, plastics and sky is the limit.

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Events venue:

  • Kolkata
  • Guwahati
  • Ranchi
  • Patna