The theme Greener World through Art is a creative domain where innovation mixes techniques and imaginations brew ideas for a sustainable future. In the milieu of climate change creative artists have a significant role to communicate the impacts and effects of climate change through alternative media of communication for a better understanding and more responsible action, thus the present competitive forum for film and photography wants to encourage the promising leaders in the field of this creative domain by recognizing their innovative talent and as well supporting their ideas of innovation through an extended intervention of their own creations for awareness and education.
The values of these awards are therefore much beyond the material value of the award itself. The financial support for each of these awards, as enunciated below is only to extend an access to some resource that is essential to imbibe the idea of the creators into an expression of art, such allocation of resources would include:

The entrants of the competition must note that the organizer’s will not disburse the awards as cash money but would allow to spent this amount for a planned project on films and photography under the mentorship of esteemed film-makers and photographers. The prize support is for training and capacity building as well for purchasing accessories and appliances for professional betterment in their respective domains.
The esteemed jurors and the organizers will jointly decide the type and mode of payments to the awardees in each of the award sections, as may be justifiable and permissible within the allocated budget in each category.
All the winners will be duly invited to the award ceremony in Kolkata, for which the air fare (Economy Class) and accommodation shall be borne by the organizing secretariat.